We ask that you carefully read the following Rules, Terms and Conditions.

Language: Please note that the entire event will be conducted in English, including presentations. However, this language requirement should not be seen as a barrier to entry, as participants need only be comfortable with basic communication (reading, writing and speaking).

Registration: Those interested in participating in the event must duly and correctly fill up the registration form on the iWeekend event website providing information asked by the organizers. In case of being selected to participate, they must make the payment of Rs 1500/- only.

iWeekend will make the best effort to resolve any technical problem that might arise in the process of registration. The identity of the participants confirmed by iWeekend will appear on the website of the event. Therefore, it is recommended that any participant who has been confirmed and has paid but does not appear on the list contact the organizers immediately with the purpose of resolving his or her confirmation.

Registrations will be closed once the event capacity has been reached.

Selection: Participants are required to send the registration form to the organizers who will do a selection based upon their own criteria of who should participate in iWeekend. Organizers reserve the right to not select those who do not fit any of the participant profiles or do not embody the spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship that iWeekend represents.

Cost: All confirmed participants are required to pay the participation fee established by the organizers for the event. The participation fees are the same for all participants. It will cover the cost of certain meals and drinks provided during the weekend.

Refund Policy: Any confirmed participant who cancels his/her participation 7 days before the start of the event will be able to get a full refund minus the processing and administration charges. There will be no refund during the 7 days before the start of the event.

Ideas: iWeekend organizers reserve the right to refuse any idea whose presentation, activity or development is likely to break the law, violate any rights or promote discrimination.

Those entrepreneurs who will be presenting an idea are required to study the Evaluation Criteria upon which the participants will cast their vote.

Judging + Voting: The choice of winning ideas and business plans at each stage of iWeekend will be done democratically, either by means of voting or direct judging, depending on the Round. Ideas will be evaluated in a fair and transparent manner, in accordance with the Evaluation Criteria.

Project Selection for Participants: Participants will take part in the voting during the presentation of ideas on Friday. At the end of the presentation rounds, they will be able select the project they wish to work on. Each project team must consist of a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 9 participants, including the entrepreneur. iWeekend reserves the right to intervene and distribute participants to projects, should any conflicts arise.

Entrepreneurs: The participant whose idea has been selected during the Friday presentations is the leader of the project. This condition provides the leader with the ability to decide on the business focus of the project, although important decisions made about the scope and nature of the project should be decided among all members participating during the weekend.

Protection of Personal Data: The personal data of those interested in participating in an iWeekend event will be incorporated to a database owned and managed by iWeekend with the purpose of processing the registration, organization and management of the events and facilitate information regarding other events organized by iWeekend in the future.

With the acceptance of these Rules, the participant consents and authorizes iWeekend to treat his or her personal data for the above mentioned purposes and so that his or her personal data is conceded to those partners or sponsors of iWeekend who provide prizes or special offers to the participants and entrepreneurs of their choice.

The participants accept that their identity may be made public on the website of iWeekend as confirmed participant for the corresponding iWeekend event.

Participants may exercise their right of access, correction, cancellation or opposition by sending an email to iWeekend, with some kind of identity proof, clearly indicating the right that they would like to exercise.

Intellectual or Industrial Property Rights of the Project: Contents, logos or any work subject to rights of intellectual property rights which correspond to a third party may not be used in the event without appropriate authorization document, transfer, license or equivalent.

iWeekend not responsible for breaches of rights of third parties that may be incurred as a result of project implementation developed in one of their events. The project leader will be liable to the other participants for any damage that may arise as a result of a breach of this rule, and agrees to hold harmless the organizers against any claim.
As a promoter, the leader of each project will be entitled to all rights of intellectual property on the outcome of the contributions of each and every one of the participants who have contributed ideas and effort to their project.

To all intents and purposes, the participants agree to transfer any rights that may correspond on their contributions during the weekend to the leader of the project. This assignment will be unconditional, worldwide, free and exclusive and will run for the maximum period allowed by law. In order to give effect to such assignment, participants are obliged to sign any documents that are reasonably necessary to document the assignment or request and, where appropriate, a degree of protection by the project leader.

Rights of iWeekend:
The project leader is committed to:

- Authorize iWeekend to use the name, distinguishing marks, trademarks, logos and any other element characterizing the project in its promotional and communication media as an example of project emerged from the events organized by iWeekend.

- Keep iWeekend informed of the launch of the project as well as all significant transactions affecting share capital or business development, to facilitate project monitoring by iWeekend. iWeekend is committed to maintaining the secrecy of confidential information that has not been disclosed or recorded in public records by the project leader.

- Include in the home of the project website the iWeekend logo with a link to the website The logo should be visible and recognizable.

The project leader will ensure the maintenance of the above conditions even if the project is developed with other partners or a third party.

Image rights: The project leaders of the winning projects consent to the use of their image and personal data (name, place of origin and details of their professional experience) as advertisement in any media for iWeekend.

In addition, all participants in each of the events agree that their image and personal data provided to the organization or during the event, be published and / or relayed through various communication channels comprising iWeekend. These channels, by way of nonlimiting example, are the website, recording or streaming of video and broadcasting of events, the publication of press releases and blog posts and other channels such as twitter, Facebook, etc.

Interpretation of the Rules: Any doubt or dispute that arises from the application or interpretation of these Rules during the celebration of an iWeekend event will be resolved ultimately by iWeekend, who will be empowered to resolve any dispute, or establish any standard of conduct or procedure of the development of the events. Any resolution to this effect shall be binding on the participants and shall be final, but may be subject to opposition or appeal of any kind.

What is iWeekend?

iWeekend is an intensive and innovative experience that brings together talented entrepreneurs and professionals of different profiles to select ideas and bring these ideas to reality by collaboratively developing a business plan and a prototype, all in one weekend.