These are some of the questions asked by the participants:


1. What is iWeekend?

iWeekend is an intensive event that brings together a highly motivated group of developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists and more to select an idea and work together on executing the idea — launching the first version of the product (usually a web application), all in one weekend. We believe that there is no better way to network and meet other restless minds than by working with them side by side for two full days. iWeekend is ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking for a team and for professionals looking for a project or just looking to network and take on a challenge.

2. What is the agenda and how is it like?

We will start at 4:00pm on Friday, June 14th. Friday will be dedicated to the presentation and voting of ideas, any idea with sufficient votes can create a team and go through the weekend! On Saturday morning, each group will start the day with a general discussion, decide how to approach the tasks at hand and start working. By Sunday evening, each group will have completed a basic business plan, prototype and a presentation for the idea. Sunday night sponsors, executives and mentors will be invited for the final presentations. The weekend is fun, intensive, challenging and mentally stimulating… not recommended for the faint hearted.

3. Is the startup created during the weekend or later?

During the weekend, we build (and try to launch) the first version of the product. Launching the beta version of the product is the goal during the weekend. After the event, it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur (and his team) to carry forward the project.

4. Do all the participants have to submit an idea? Can I participate if I don’t have an idea?

Only those who have an idea and are ready to see it shaped beyond recognition by a group of people will be presenting their idea. Of course you can participate if you don’t have an idea. Your skills in executing the elected idea are no less important.

5. Do we have to present the idea in slides?

No. You will have to pitch the idea only with your words and without the help of PowerPoint.

6. I have an idea but don’t know if it is suitable for the format of the event. What kind of idea/project is ideal for this format?

The ideas to be presented should have the following characteristics:
Be easily understandable (and understood) throughout the world, therefore initiatives that are complex per se that develop in complex markets (and therefore require specialized prior knowledge of the sector) should not be considered. It should be possible to develop the first version (beta software, website, blog etc.) during the weekend, so technologically complex initiatives that require long periods of development are not encouraged. If your idea does not meet these requirements but you still think that you can convince the audience to select your idea, go ahead. Show us your presentation and persuasion skills. All the best!

7. What if someone runs away with my idea?

We believe that ideas are floating in the air. What is most important is the execution. Given the open nature of the event and the fact that it will be live twittered/blogged/streamed etc., your idea will be public property in no time. If you don’t want your idea taken, then please don’t present it.

8. Can I attend the event just to watch?

Unfortunately, the number of places is limited, and to optimize resources, we only allow participants in the event. Those who want to follow the event, can do so by following us on Facebook, Twitter

9. How will we divide the equity in the new startup?

Given the complexity of dividing a startup among many partners, and the fact that those who participate in the event don’t do it to gain a % in the new startup but do it for the experience and the networking, and it’s better for everyone and for iWeekend to have a project that really survives in the outside world, we have decided that the entrepreneur should decide on this issue.

10. Who will be the owner of the product and the startup? Will I be working for free? Or worse, by paying Rs. 1,500?

The Rs.1,500 registration fee covers a small portion of the total expenses of the event.
It’s not about working for free. It’s about working together with other professionals, contribute, learn, connect and create links that will last a long time. The owner of the product and the startup will be the entrepreneur who proposed the chosen idea.

11. Are we expected to continue working on the project after the weekend?

No. The commitment of the participants ends with the event. If you then want to volunteer or if you want to join the project, you must reach an agreement with the entrepreneur.

12. Will the elected project have some type of grant or scholarship funding?

The only thing the elected idea will receive is the work of many people to take it from conception to reality. If there is anything else, the organizers will announce.

13. Is iWeekend a company?

No. iWeekend is a non-profit organization whose principal mission is to stimulate the culture of entrepreneurship.

14. When are you coming to my city?

If you want to participate in and/or organize an iWeekend in your city, please get in touch with us by sending an email to info@iweekend.org.

What is iWeekend?

iWeekend is an intensive and innovative experience that brings together talented entrepreneurs and professionals of different profiles to select ideas and bring these ideas to reality by collaboratively developing a business plan and a prototype, all in one weekend.