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Anil Paranjape

After a long career in the Semiconductor industry in the US, I am now based in my hometown of Pune (India) where I manage an early-stage VC firm based in Pune, focusing on Cleantech, Healthcare, and Education. In my investment role, I come across many entrepreneurs in various businesses of all types and I help many of them with their funding needs, strategy, business development, technology-based operations, and end-user marketing. Here, I primarily focus on Cleantech, Hospitality, and Consumer Internet. Besides this, I co-own a hip restaurant chain in Pune and actively manage it. Lately, I have also started serving on boards of companies as an investor representative or an independent board member.

Before this, I built a new business venture in the retail technology space for Intel Capital in India. During my stint at Intel capital before 2006, I focused on business incubation and investments in Retail, Social Media, Healthcare, and Consumer Electronics verticals, based in Portland, Oregon.

Prior to Intel Capital, I spent 13 years developing and managing design methodologies and CAD tools to manage Intel’s Pentium-II, Pentium-III, Pentium-IV and i7 microprocessor designs.


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