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iWeekend Hyderabad, 6-8 September 2013 at BITS Hyderabad, helps entrepreneurs form a team, build a business plan, a prototype and pitch it to angel/early-stage investors in just 48 hours. Our events are targeted towards technologists, designers, marketers, content writers, finance & legal professionals who are looking to start their own business/social venture or want to work in a start-up.

We believe that there is no better way to network and meet other restless minds than by working with them side by side for two full days. iWeekend is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to get started and for professionals and freelancers looking to broaden their horizons while taking on a challenge and collaborating in a project they like. The final outputs of the event include a basic business plan, a possible team, a prototype and a demo.

Here’s a glimpse of iWeekend Pune, that was held at Symbiosis Pune in December 2011


Entrepreneurship is a journey, an arduous trek which an entrepreneur takes to achieve his goal. Launching a new enterprise—whether it’s a tech start-up, a small business, or an initiative within a large corporation—has always been a hit-or-miss proposition. According to the decades-old formula, one making a business plan, pitches’ it to... Continue reading>>


We all dream of being an entrepreneur at some stage of life. Don’t we! So, if you have entrepreneurial dreams but are unsure about whether you should pursue them, when and how you should go about deciding whether to take the leap? Here are a few generic pointers that will help you in gauging your abilities: You possess passion for doing... Continue reading>>


This blog is a tribute to entrepreneurs who have impacted the history and the economy of the world we live in. Let all take inspiration from these stories and do the “i”….. E-retailing of Books in 1994! He did that ….. Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon in the year 1994. With a market value of $84* billion and sales of $48*... Continue reading>>


Entrepreneurs are like artists in many ways. Like artists, they possess a vision for something new. Pablo Picasso once said, "An act of art begins as an act of destruction”. Like artists, Entrepreneurs challenge the status quo and come out with “path defining” ideas. And they find their eureka moments not in their final discoveries but in... Continue reading>>


What is iWeekend ?

iWeekend is an intensive and innovative experience that brings together talented entrepreneurs and professionals of different profiles to select ideas and bring these ideas to reality by collaboratively developing a business plan and a prototype, all in one weekend.