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iWeekend's Winner Startups

  • AdLemons, project promoted by Miguel Angel Ivars


    The idea: An advertisement platform specialized in blogs.
    Launched at the first iWeekend Barcelona, Spain, 30 Nov – Dec 2007.
    AdLemons is today run by Efectividads Social Ads SL in Valencia, Spain, and has three employees. It has won the Bancaja award for young entrepreneurs.

    project winner at Barcelona (Spain) | www.adlemons.com

  • PideCita, project promoted by Raúl Ros


    The idea: An online reservation system and onlinge agenda for appointments
    Launched at the second iWeekend, Valencia, Spain, 7 – 9 May, 2008.
    PideCita is run by Nubersis SL in Valencia, Spain, wich has 6 employees. It has won the BBVA Open Talent award (ount of 375 proyects presented).

    project winner at Valencia (Spain) | www.pidecita.com

  • Tusiyu, project promoted by Guillermo and Jorge Álvaro Rey


    The idea: Online application that facilitates the organization of events and meetups by allowing users to coordinate on when and where to meet.
    Launched at iWeekend Madrid, Spain, 16 – 18 January 2009.
    A team of three people is developing Tusiyu. Have won the support of UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid) through their program ActúaUPM.

    project winner at Madrid (Spain) | www.tusiyu.com

  • Ziudad, project promoted by Germán Dominguez


    The idea: a participatory social web for citizens to communicate with local authorities and for consumers to communicate with companies.
    Launched at first iWeekend Castellón, Spain, 20 – 22 Noviembre 2009.
    A team of three people are developing Ziudad. They have won the IdeasChallenge award (out of 84 projects presented).

    project winner at Castellón (Spain) | www.ziudad.es

  • Yonococino, project promoted by Oscar de Río


    The idea: A directory of restaurant that do home delivery and take away.
    Launched at the first iWeekend Alicante, Spain, 20 – 22 Nov 2009.
    A team of three people are developing YoNoCocino in Interacso SL and have won the LinktoStart competition.

    project winner at Alicante (Spain) | www.yonococino.com

  • Partido de internet, project promoted by Hector Pérez


    The idea: a political party whose main objective is the participation of citizens in the political process through the electronic vote and the new electronic identity card.
    Launched at iWeekend Barcelona, Spain, 20 – 22 November 2009.
    Currently it is fully constituted and will participate as a political party in the general elections of 2012.

    project winner at Barcelona (Spain) | partidodeinternet.es

  • Trendtrotters, project promoted by Asier López


    The idea: A company that offers services of competitive intelligence…travelers in search of new trends and new business opportunities around the world.
    Launched at the first iWeekend Bilbao, Spain, 20 – 22 Noviembre 2009.
    There’s a heterogeneous team involved in the development of this project. They have won the Mondragon Innovation and Knowledge.

    project winner at Bilbao (Spain) | www.trendtrotters.com