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iWeekend: making ideas happen

Published on 26th October, 2011, by in iWeekend

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At iWeekend, we are passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and education. We wake up each morning with the goal of organizing great events that help entrepreneurs and other restless minds get started, get inspired and get educated. Our previous tag line was “we love startups”. As we progress in our own entrepreneurial journey, we thought we now require a new mantra that better reflects what we do and what we strive towards. Of course we continue to love startups, but what we essentially do is make ideas happen. So “making ideas happen” is our new mantra. Our new tagline. Or both. We have already changed our logo to reflect this new change and we will keep on improving and iterating. That’s what entrepreneurship and innovation is all about.

So answering the question of what is iWeekend, here’s the best reply: iWeekend is an event devoted to making ideas happen. A weekend full of ideas, inspiration, innovation and impact.

1 comment

  1. Estoy muy interesada sobre todo esto que estais haciendo, como puedo aprender más y conocer los últimos avances y participar. Soy de Ceuta, y estamos muy lejos de lo que esta sucediendo en innovación, ¿ Es posible hacer algo así en Ceuta o que pueda unirse Ceuta a esta iniciativa? Gracias por estar ahí.

    by Gema Borrego on May 3, 2013 at 16:05:25.

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