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6 years of iWeekend.. Thank you!

Written on November 30, 2013, by inside General, iWeekend


This is the story of iWeekend from my perspective. It all started in November 2007. I had proposed this new event on my blog and just announced on the 2nd of November that we will be organizing the first event within 4 weeks. On the 6th of November, I announced the name: iWeekend. On the 12th of November, we launched our first website. By the 19th Continue reading…

iWeekend: making ideas happen

Written on October 26, 2011, by inside General, iWeekend

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At iWeekend, we are passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and education. We wake up each morning with the goal of organizing great events that help entrepreneurs and other restless minds get started, get inspired and get educated. Our previous tag line was “we love startups”. As we progress in our own entrepreneurial journey, we Continue reading…