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iWeekend is an international non-profit organization with presence in 21 cities dedicated to promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in new technologies.

iWeekend brings together 50+ entrepreneurs for 24 hours of intense product development and learning-by-doing. Entrepreneurs pitch their businesses and then attract team members to turn their idea into reality or refine their products: collaboratively develop a revenue model, write a marketing plan, design a name and logo, and/or create a prototype. Teams unveil their end-product on Saturday’s Demo Day.

iWeekend is an intense and unforgettable experience gathering a very special breed of local entrepreneurs. During the event, strong connections are created which give rise to more projects and collaborations after iWeekend.

The event is targeted towards entrepreneurs, programmers, business folks, designers, pretty much anyone with a passion for technology and the intention of founding a startup or working in one.

The mission of iWeekend is to:

1.Promote the culture of entrepreneurship in new technologies

2.Foster a practical methodology of knowledge sharing and learning-by-doing

3.Help talented entrepreneurs get started or tackle challenges!

Volunteer Organizers

Dongli Zhang 张冬栎

Timothy Mak

Carole Wai-Hai 烤肉

Parker Liu 刘振宇

Jian Li 李健

Jane Yang 杨征

Alex 黄涛