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Participation for iWeekend Ahmedabad is selection based. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ link below and fill up the application form. If selected, you will be asked to proceed to pay the registration fees of INR 1500 and confirm your participation.

Registration fees will include all meals from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Outside participants will need to pay for their own accommodation.

Who Can Participate

iWeekend impact is targeted towards technologists, designers, marketers, business folks, lawyers, etc. with a passion for social entrepreneurship and solving social problems.

We invited ideas and projects in early stages and encourage individual entrepreneurs as well as teams to come forward with their ideas.

Important Rules

1.  Entrepreneurs can propose only one idea and one elevator pitch
2. All those who wish to present their idea must send in a 2-4 page brief of their idea by Sunday night, 26th of February.

What do you need to participate in the iWeekend Impact?

A dream, desire to engage in teamwork and a laptop!

iWeekend impact is an initiative specially crafted for entrepreneurs who want to bring a change and create impact in society. The challenge is to transform an idea into a prototype (if applicable) and a demo presentation in 2 days, sharing a unique experience with 50 other restless minds.

Please click on the ‘Apply Now’ link below, give us your details and register for the event. You can register for any one of the following categories based on the area in which you would like to make your contribution during the event:

  • Business/Finance
  • Marketing/Communication
  • Design
  • Technology

What is iWeekend ?

iWeekend is an intensive and innovative experience that brings together talented entrepreneurs and professionals of different profiles to select ideas and bring these ideas to reality by collaboratively developing a business plan and a prototype, all in one weekend.

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