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Anshu Bhartia

Anshu is the CEO of FWWB India. She is a Post Graduate in Operations Research. She has 17 years of experience in the corporate sector where her scope of work ranged across roles, responsibilities and industries. Some of her key contributions were developing optimal diversification strategies, project management, and developing and managing servicing strategies implemented through partners across the globe.

In 2010, Anshu joined FWWB, an ‘apex’ organization, registered as a Trust and Society, providing financial and capacity building services to organizations promoting livelihoods and self reliance of poor women. From 1982-2010, FWWB delivered on its vision by supporting more than 300 micro finance institutions (MFIs) and impacting 1.2 million lives. In 2010, the scope was realigned to support community based organizations promoting livelihoods of the poor that leverage benefits of aggregation through customized credit for working capital and assets and institutional strengthening through in-depth need analysis and providing generic and customized solutions.

In addition, FWWB provides credit for developmental financial products for water and sanitation, solar lighting and education to MFI partners thus enhancing lives of the poor. FWWB has also initiated an empowerment program providing financial literacy, basic health & hygiene awareness, and leadership building for women of households impacted through all FWWB programs/projects.


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