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Rajesh Shah

A Founder Trustee of VIKAS (NGO), Founder and Managing Director SAVE Ltd., SABRAS Ltd. & SAHYOG Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Shah, an architect by training has over 35 years of experience in social sector. In 1978, he established VIKAS, a not-for-profit organisation which has since been working with about 10,000 agriculture laboureres in coastal villages and 6,000 slum dwellers in cities of Gujarat state.

In 1995, he set up SAVE Ltd., for- profit, technical service organisation focusing on wealth generations needs of marginalised coastal communities including, agriculture laboureres, small & marginal farmers, fishermen & salt producers. The organisation is designed to provide techno-marketing services for enterprise development, natural resource regeneration and rural infrastructure development activities.SABRAS processing & marketing limited, established in 2007, is an enterprise jointly set up by salt producers & SAVE Ltd.SAHYOG Krishi Vikas Pvt. Limited is an enterprise set up jointly with 1500 farmers from salinity affected coastal regions of Gujarat.

He had also served as technical advisor to GRUH Finance for Housing credit development programme; Programme Director in ACHR – Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, Bangkok, Thailand for organising training programmes on Slum Up gradation in countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

He is associated as visiting lecturer with School of Planning and Architecture, Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, & Entrepreneurship Institute of India, Ahmedabad.


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