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iWeekend Impact Ahmedabad – ideas with social impact

What is iWeekend?

iWeekend Impact is a 50-hour intensive and innovative experience that aims to bring together social entrepreneurs and professionals to present ideas with social impact and develop socially responsible business plans. The event is targeted towards social entrepreneurs, NGOs, technologists, designers, marketers, content writers, business students, finance & legal professionals who are looking to start their own social enterprise or are enthusiastic about contributing their skills and talent to a social project. The ultimate goal of each venture should be to create social impact.

We believe that there is no better way to network and meet other restless minds than by working with them side by side for two full days. iWeekend Impact is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to get started and for professionals and freelancers looking to broaden their horizons while taking on a challenge and collaborating in a project they like. The final outputs of the event include a basic business plan, a possible team, a prototype and a demo.

Here’s a glimpse of iWeekend Pune, that was held at Symbiosis International University in December 2011:

We partnered with ThinkChange India to spread the word about iWeekend Impact Ahmedabad, India’s first “hackathon” on ideas with social impact, which was held at CIIE (IIM Ahmedabad) from the 2nd to the 4th of March. They published a couple of posts written by us that summed up the whole... Continue reading>>


We are not aware of any such event having been organized before, so we are staking this claim to be India's first "hackathon" for creating social impact. A little more than a week from today, about 50 social entrepreneurs and social change agents will come together for a weekend to present their ideas, build teams and collaborate to work together... Continue reading>>


We’d like to thank Aarohan (CIIE initiative) for announcing special prizes for iWeekend Ahmedabad. The following special prizes & incentives have been added for iWeekend Impact winners/best ideas: 1. Aarohan, a CIIE initiative will incubate the two winners judged by the panel at iWeekend Opportunity to get incubation support and... Continue reading>>


iWeekend comes back to Ahmedabad, this time with an impact! iWeekend is dedicated to making ideas happen. iWeekend Impact focuses on ideas with a social component. We are glad to announce that the first iWeekend Impact will take place in Ahmedabad from the 2nd to the 4th of March at CIIE Ahmedabad. The event is targeted towards social... Continue reading>>


What is iWeekend ?

iWeekend is an intensive and innovative experience that brings together talented entrepreneurs and professionals of different profiles to select ideas and bring these ideas to reality by collaboratively developing a business plan and a prototype, all in one weekend.

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